HR & Payroll Services

HR & Payroll Services

HR Service
Formal Documentations
To ease your communication and relations with vendors and employees, we can help you to produce agreements, deeds, or other advice regarding Human Relations and Industrial Relations under Indonesian Manpower Law.

Employee Termination and Resignation
We can assist you with employment termination/resignation process which can include:

  • Calculation and payment of severance package including related income tax;
  • Employment termination agreement;

Payroll Administration
Our payroll administration services will ensure that you can manage accuracy, security and confidentiality as key aspects of your payroll as well as to get access to our technology and expertise in employment compliance matters.

  • Monthly payroll calculation including bonus, allowances overtime, take home pay, employee income tax and employee social security contributions;
  • Payment of take home pay to each employee’s bank account including the distribution of salary slips;
  • Social security, insurance and pension contributions and administration;
  • Employee income tax calculation, payment and reporting.

Payroll Related Advisory
We can advise in employment compliance related aspects which includes:

  • Compliance to legislation such as employment contract and social security and pension contributions;
  • Payroll scheme such as composition between salary and allowances, benefit in-kind, etc.